Kendall Jenner at the 2015 American Music Awards.
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7 Celebrities Who Have Lived in Haunted Houses

From supermodel Kendall Jenner to country music legend Loretta Lynn, these stars have spoken out about their supernatural encounters

A diverse real estate portfolio is a staple of the celebrity lifestyle, but some stars have taken their property investments to another, supernatural level. Below, we recount the stories of seven celebrities who claim to have been haunted in their very own homes.

The entryway of Kris Jenner’s home, which was decorated by designer Jeff Andrews. Her daughter Kendall recently said that she thinks the house is haunted. Photo: via InStyle

1. Kendall Jenner

In a video for Vogue, the supermodel shared her belief that the house her mother, Kris Jenner, lives in is haunted. “I would always hear footsteps on the roof when no one was home,” she said. “I’m convinced it was a ghost.”

2. Bella Thorne

The former Disney star recently told Vulture that her family used to live on an Indian burial ground and that the house was so haunted that they eventually moved out. “My mother and my father had so many crazy experiences in that specific house. At night, she’d constantly hear noises, chains and shackles rattling around, stuff that couldn’t be the wind. All the time, every night.”

The English country manor that Adele rented for several years. She told friends that the house gave her “the creeps.” Photo: Strutt & Parker

3. Adele

The 15-time Grammy winner rented an $11 million mansion in Sussex, England, but soon after moving in, the singer told a friend she thought the house might be haunted. British tabloid The Sun reported that Adele had said that the place “gives her the creeps,” and she even hired a nighttime bodyguard to keep watch. She lived in the house for just two years before moving out.

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4. Loretta Lynn

The country music icon has spoken openly about her Tennessee home being haunted. Appearing on an episode of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Lynn claimed to have seen the ghost of a weeping woman pacing around her house mourning her dead baby. Lynn’s son had also spoken of a supernatural encounter in the house, saying that he awoke one night to the ghost of a Civil War solider attempting to take off his boots.

The interior of Joan Rivers’s former Upper East Side apartment, which she claimed was home to a ghost. Photo: Corcoran

5. Joan Rivers

The late legendary comedian spoke often about her belief that her Upper East Side triplex penthouse was haunted. Rivers claimed the apartment was visited by a spirit called Mrs. Spencer, the unit’s original tenant. Rivers even went as far as to appear on an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories to recount her experience. She sold the apartment a few years before she died, and it was then gutted by the new owner.

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6. Jenna Bush-Hager 

During a 2009 appearance on The Tonight Show, the daughter of former president George W. Bush told a story about encountering a ghost while living in the White House. “I heard a ghost,” she said. “I was asleep, there was a fireplace in my room, and all of a sudden I heard 1920s music coming out. I could feel it. I freaked out and ran into my sister’s room. She was like, ‘Please go back to sleep, this is ridiculous.’”

The LaLaurie House in New Orleans, which once belonged to an infamously cruel slave owner. It’s considered by many to be the most haunted property in the city. Photo: Michael McCarthy/Flickr

7. Nicolas Cage

The Academy Award winner once owned the infamous LaLaurie House in New Orleans’s French Quarter. The residence is locally considered to be the most haunted house in a city with a long and spooky history.  “You know, other people have beachfront property,” Cage told the New York Daily News. “I have ghost-front property.”

Cover: Kendall Jenner at the 2015 American Music Awards.
Photo: Image Group LA/ABC


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