A tasteful flower and interior arrangement by the talented Pierre Banchereau, creator and owner of Debeaulieu.
Photo: Studio AKATRE

7 Incredible Florists to Follow on Instagram

The second installment of florist designers and artists who will add dazzling visuals to your Instagram feed.

With summer just around the corner and Kate Middleton’s stunning garden display still rooted in memory, florists are generating colorful bouquets and elaborate flower arrangements to decorate busying outdoor spaces and to cater to the event-filled season. To keep up with the budding beauty and craft of this field, Galerie rounded up seven outstanding florists to follow on Instagram. To see our first story on florists to follow, click here.

1. Fleuropean


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Belgium-based artist Emily Avenson utilizes flora and fauna as an artistic medium to create picturesque outdoor spaces catered to adventurous flower enthusiasts. Avenson and La Musa de las Flores owner Gabriella Salazar host annual autumnal workshops at a stunning château tucked in the Belgian countryside where participants bask in bucolic gardens and hone their passion for floral design.


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2. Debeaulieu 


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Pierre Banchereau draws inspiration from 17th-century Dutch Master paintings, as well as modern photographers and filmmakers, to produce posh floral arrangements carefully paired with elegant pottery. Banchereau’s quaint shop, situated in the 9th Arrondissement neighborhood of Paris, echoes his interest in interior design and fashion. Debeaulieu flowers have been featured in luxury brand magazines such as Vogue Paris, Vanity Fair, Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour.


3. Nicolette Camille Floral


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Brooklyn local and avid world traveler Nicolette Camille founded Little Flower School in 2008 to cultivate an international network of flower stylists, artists and hobbyists. Camille’s floral designs present pulsating color and arabesque abstraction, calling to her interest in fresh and innovative florist products. Join Camille and charming watercolorist Helen Dealtry on July 27th in Martha’s Vineyard for a fun and relaxing floral arrangement and painting class.


4. Lewis Miller Design


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Innovative talent behind Meghan Markle’s bridal shower, Lewis Miller is internationally recognized in the Floral and Event Design community for his exuberant and intricate flower arrangements. Miller’s exquisite products and New York “Flower Flash” installations have generated widespread fervor for his work, notably in our very own Creative Minds Issue.


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5. Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 


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Jennie Love is a pioneer of the Farmer-Florist niche as she fashions delicate and whimsical bouquets under a farm-to-centerpiece ideology. Love founded Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia and offers a variety of unique workshops enveloped by her scenic flower farm.


6. Eric Buterbaugh Flower Design


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Eccentric floral designer Eric Buterbaugh immerses himself in a world of opulence and splendor. Catering towards celebrity cliental and art and design moguls like Ashley Longshore, Buterbaugh’s rose-themed portfolio ranges from aberrant bouquets to deluxe floral fragrances. Enjoy Buterbaugh’s lush products online or in-stores globally.


7. Belle Fleur NYC 


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Manhattan’s leading floral designer, Meredith Waga Perez focuses on detail, quality and beauty to maintain a chic business. Perez’s couture-perspective is visualized through meticulous composites of rich and alluring flowers. Art and design media outlets including Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and The Martha Stewart Show have all highlighted the beautifully modern products of Belle Fleur NYC.


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