The black-and-silver Zebra design is the most playful style in Alexa Hampton’s collection for Labrazel.
Photo: Courtesy of Labrazel

Alexa Hampton Debuts Chic Bath Collection with Labrazel

The leading designer’s recent travels inspired her first collection for the luxury bath purveyor
Designer Alexa Hampton. Photo: Victoria Stevens

“I think it’s always the right time for something fabulous and fancy,” says esteemed designer Alexa Hampton, who just launched her debut collection of bath accessories with the luxury purveyor Labrazel. The collaboration, which includes seven different styles, is rendered in high-end materials like marble, crystal, and nickel-plated brass. The pieces are designed to weather hard use while maintaining a picture-perfect aesthetic. “The one thing that justifies investing in really fine bath accessories is—if all goes well—you’re not replacing them,” Hampton tells Galerie.

A longtime fan of Labrazel, the designer reached out to the Connecticut-based company herself. “I’m frequently tasked with getting bath accessories,” Hampton says, “and I wanted to have seven collections that were good go-tos, something that could be ‘blendable’ with the not-portable items in a bath, like the faucet or the marble. Plus, I wanted something that could dress up a double sink but not take over. The pieces had to be a supporting cast member, but they also had to have some interest.”

“I love anything faux bois,” says Hampton about this design in her collaboration for Labrazel. Photo: Courtesy of Labrazel

The collections each include a canister, brush holder, soap dispenser, tray, tissue cover, and waste bin—and three styles come with an additional soap dish. The monolithic-looking Titan series, which is made in Italy from travertine, was inspired by the architectural details Hampton observed on a trip to Milan. The playful Zebra collection is hand-painted on wood in Peru, then encased in glass. Watery Poisson, which is made in the Philippines from shimmering natural hammer shell, was influenced by a detail the designer spied on a William Kent table.

The made-in-Italy Pompeii designs are carved from blocks of Statuario marble. Photo: Courtesy of Labrazel

“You have to bring something more than simple lines,” she says of the luxurious collection. “The pieces have to be beautifully designed, especially if they’re made out of these kind of materials and are on the higher end of the market.”

The black-and-silver Zebra design is the most playful style in Hampton’s collection for Labrazel. Photo: Courtesy of Labrazel

Yet, with all the projects that the busy designer has in the works, the collection for Labrazel was not created with any one in mind. “I wanted it to be the Platonic ideal,” says Hampton. “When I try to get too smart about designing something for a particular project, they tend to fall flat and be too niche.”


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