Ana Khouri's Essence Presentation at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
Photo: Courtesy of Ana Khouri

Ana Khouri

The Brazilian-born jeweler’s dazzling creations are a form of wearable art
Ana Khouri. Photo: Courtesy of Ana Khouri

For the Brazilian-born, New York–based Ana Khouri, jewelry is a sculptural extension of the body—a form of wearable art. “My idea of jewelry goes beyond the intended purpose of ornamentation,” says the designer, who also works as a classical sculptor.

Don’t expect to find her work in a department store vitrine. Last fall, she presented 60 jaw-dropping pieces in a solo exhibition at Phillips auction house in New York. “I believe my approach to jewelry didn’t exist before,” says Khouri, whose gem-encrusted geometric and organic forms are inspired by the work of artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Constantin Brancusi, and Richard Serra. “They inspired me to look at shapes in relation to space and movement and to push myself to create unexpected and unique forms that come to life when worn.”

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Diamond Camille earrings. Photo: Courtesy of Ana Khouri
Emerald Katherine earrings. Photo: Courtesy of Ana Khouri

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