Artist Sam Moyer.
Photo: Jason Schmidt

Artist Sam Moyer Opens Her Studio to Help Teens Find Their Creative Side

The artist opened her Brooklyn studio with Free Arts NYC, ahead of its 20th annual auction

The impact mentors and teachers can have on artists is undeniable. This past weekend, the buzz-worthy Brooklyn-based artist Sam Moyer opened her studio to a group of teenagers in an effort to create a meaningful connection through art making and spark inspiration for those considering becoming an artist.

Free Arts NYC, a New York non-profit organization empowering underserved youth through art and mentoring programs, is celebrating Moyer and fellow artist and husband Eddie Martinez at the annual Free Arts NYC auction on April 25. In advance of the event, Moyer took a group of around 10 students aged 14-18 to reveal her laborious process and experience as a working artist.

Free Arts teens picking out marble pieces. Photo: Courtesy of Free Arts

“Sam and her husband Eddie Martinez have been supporting Free Arts for several years,” director Liz Hopfan tells Galerie, who was formerly an elementary school teacher before founding Free Arts roughly 20 years ago. “As part of the event, we hope that our celebrated artists will have the opportunity to work directly with a group of our youth.”

Dear Heschel, 2017. Marble, hand painted canvas mounted to MDF panel.

Moyer demonstrated the process of working with plaster and pouring molds. Each student had a chance to then make a striking Sam Moyer-inspired artwork, working with her signature materials. “As a young artist, Sam is relatable to our youth,” Hopfan continues. “They can see themselves in the work that she is doing which is fun, spirited, colorful, and laid back. Sam taught our young people how to relax and make work that they are excited about.”

The 20th Annual Free Arts NYC Auction, which honors board members Linda and Richard Schaps, will take place April 25.



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