Gaetano Pesce Nugget Vessels in Purple/Green and Orange/Yellow.
Photo: Courtesy of Coming Soon New York

Whimsical Holiday Gifts for Every Art and Design Lover

Collector Beth Redmond curates a wish list of artful items by such talents as Misha Kahn, Gaetano Pesce, and Christopher Wool

Beth Redmond Photo: Courtesy of Beth Redmond

World traveler Beth Redmond has collaborated with some of the most exciting names in design including the Campana Brothers sofas and Chris Schank.

So when it came to curating a list of creative gifts that would inspire and delight this holiday season, we asked Redmond to share the items that have caught her discerning eye.

Here, she shares her top twelve items.

Misha Kahn Suck It Up Glass Straws made in collaboration with Prospect. Photo: Courtesy of Prospect

1. Misha Kahn’s Suck It Up Glass Straws and Case, $100 for four

Fun and eccentric, just like the artist himself, the straws come in four bright color variations, each with its own playful shape. Each piece even comes with its own leather case.

Christopher Wool x Supreme set-of-three skateboard decks. Photo: Courtesy of Boo-Hooray

2. Christopher Wool x Supreme Skateboards, $10,500 for set of three

This set of skateboards, designed by Christopher Wool, exude the gritty and flippant attitude for which the iconic artist is best known.

David Shirgley EXIBITION Artist Blanket. Photo: Courtesy of Art + Culture Projects

3. David Shrigley’s limited-edition Exibition blanket, $650

The cozy, purposely misspelled throw plays with language to create humorous new connotations. A perfect gift for art lovers to keep on full display, and use during those chilly winter nights.

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Gaetano Pesce Nugget Vessels in Purple/Green and Orange/Yellow. Photo: Courtesy of Coming Soon New York

4. Gaetano Pesce, Nugget Vessel, $495

Handmade from resin, these unique sculptural vases make a bold addition to any shelf or table.

Lapis Blue Swoopy Oval Bowl by Katherine Gray. Photo: Courtesy of the Future Perfect

5. Katherine Gray, Lapis Blue Swoopy Oval Bowl, $3,300

Inspired by James Turrell’s Perceptual Cells, Katherine Gray’s striking blue Swoopy oval bowl can be used as a decorative object or filled with candies and mints at your next dinner party.

The Art House book by Chara Schreyer. Photo: Courtesy of Assouline

6. Art House from Assouline, $85

The perfect book for design lovers, Art House takes readers on an extraordinary visual tour, offering an exploration of those devoted to living with art and those who design homes that celebrate it.

Teddy Girl Rechargeable Lamp Velvet Finish. Photo: Courtesy of 10 Corso Como New York

7. Teddy Girl Rechargable Velvet Lamp, $410

The Italian brand Qeeboo makes everyday objects playful and colorful. This cheerful velvet Teddy lamp brings light to the feminine soul.

Baron Von Fancy Crystal Cocktail Glass Set, Baron Von Fancy x Prospect. Photo: Courtesy of Prospect

8. Baron Von Fancy’s Crystal Cocktail Glass Set, $88

With phrases like “Feels Like Magic,” “Nothing But Trouble,” “Nothing But You,” and “It’s Never Enough,” these cocktail glasses are sure to liven up any holiday party.

AVF Acrylic Chess Board. Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Von Furstenberg

9. AVF Chess Board, $1,100

This modern chess set by Alexandra von Fürstenberg is a stunning work of art, wonderful to use during a fun game night with friends or to simply display in the home.

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Einar Unicorn Lilac Candle with Skeleton by PyroPet USA. Photo: Courtesy of PyroPets

10. Einar PyroPet Candle, $35

This cool unicorn-shaped candle, available in black or lilac, reveals the wild beast at its core. A metallic skeleton is revealed as the candle burns down, giving users a hidden sculptural surprise.

Inspired by his series of oil on mirror paintings ‘The Night You Left,’ these mirrored coasters by artist Nir Hod made in collaboration with Prospect are lined with digitally printed white powder and backed with black velvet for those decadent in spirit if not in practice. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Prospect

11. The Night You Left Coasters, $100

Nir Hod brings the recurring theme of introspection and self-revelation in his work into this set of four coasters inspired by the artist’s painting, The Night You Left.

Dace Sūna “Vertical Fractal Neon Candles” (2019) Photo: Courtesy of Love House

12. Dace Suna’s Vertical Fractal Neon Candle, $2,750

These beautiful neon sculptures by Los Angeles–based artist Dace Suna come in two different sizes and make the perfect gift for any eclectic design lover.


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