New display furnishings at Opening Ceremony feature a Burberry tartan.
Photo: Floor Knaapen via Dezeen

Burberry’s Iconic Tartan Is Reimagined as Furniture

Designer Sabine Marcelis creates a capsule collection in partnership with Opening Ceremony

A table created by Sabine Marcelis features the signature Burberry print. Photo: Floor Knaapen via Dezeen

Burberry’s signature tartan—a sartorial status symbol since the 1920s—now extends to furniture, thanks to a capsule collection of resin panels made by Rotterdam designer Sabine Marcelis. Gracing select Opening Ceremony stores in New York and Los Angeles, the sculptural pieces were created to showcase the British fashion house’s new collection, plus a line created exclusively with Opening Ceremony—the first collaboration between the two brands.

The translucent panels, which can be mounted on the wall or used as a table, feature thick black and white stripes as well as thinner red lines, an abstracted but recognizable version of the beloved pattern. Running parallel to the black lines are metal bars used to hang the clothing items, with the legs on the table also corresponding to the lines.

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“Marcelis has taken the iconic Burberry plaid and extruded it into a spatial experience,” said a statement from the designer provided to Dezeen. “The vertical and horizontal lines extend to become frames and surfaces on which the collection can be displayed and presented on. In true form to her signature search for exploring material qualities, a unique way of casting resin in varied layers and transparencies creates an unexpected depth to the materiality.”

The pieces installed at Opening Ceremony showcase the new collection. Photo: Eric Petschek via Dezeen

Earlier this month, Burberry made waves by unveiling a bold new logo designed by Peter Saville and the maison’s new chief creative officer, Riccardo Tischi. Featuring a grid of red lines overlapped with white B’s, the pattern functions as a monogram of sorts that pays homage to the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry. Time will tell if that logotype will also be available in furniture form, but we hope it will be. 

The versatile pieces on full display. Photo: Floor Knaapen via Dezeen
Cover: New display furnishings at Opening Ceremony feature a Burberry tartan.
Photo: Floor Knaapen via Dezeen


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