A varnished Palmwood cocktail table made in the 20th century.
Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s

16 Must-Have Pieces from Christie’s Collaboration with 1stdibs

The design-world powerhouses team up for an exclusive sale styled by Juan Montoya
A vignette from Christie’s collaboration with 1stdibs. Photo: Pernille Loof

Two of the biggest purveyors of design have teamed up for a special sale that could herald a new chapter for luxury e-commerce. Christie’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses, is partnering with e-tail behemoth 1stdibs, which boasts nearly a million items on its digital platform.

The sale, which launches today, comprises over a hundred pieces of furniture and objects that are featured on Christie’s digital storefront on 1stdibs as well as in an artfully curated space at its new brick-and-mortar gallery, located on a full floor at the Terminal Stores building just south of Hudson Yards.

“The idea came from the top,” says Cristina Miller, chief commercial officer at 1stdibs. “It grew out of a conversation between the CEOs of each company, and I think we both recognized that there are so many synergies between the businesses. Christie’s has these historic, record-breaking sales that are event-driven, and we’re open 24/7 online. We just know there’s an audience for both of those types of sale formats, so we decided to give the people what they want.”

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During the process, Christie’s suggested bringing on interior designer Juan Montoya, who helped curate and style the sale. “He represents the tie-in of both companies, since he’s a 1stdibs Trade Program member, and he’s a client and consigner at Christie’s,” says Miller. “Juan and the specialists at Christies have done an amazing job curating a three-month sale versus a one-night sale. Each party was bringing together what they’re best at.”

See below for some of the sale’s standout treasures, and shop the whole collection online or at the 1stdibs Gallery, 269 11th Avenue, New York.

A varnished Palmwood cocktail table made in the 20th century. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This dark-gray lignum stone was sourced from India by Juan Montoya, and he commissioned the steel stand, which is based on a design by Marc du Plantier. Such stones are considered sacred in Indian culture and are often placed in small temple niches. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A stained wooden armchair with leather upholstery by Juan Montoya. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A pair of northern European caned birch chaises from the mid-1900s. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This sculptural metal fragment of a cast dates to the 20th century but recalls neoclassical themes of Roman art. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This rustic-style bowl was carved from a delightfully knotty burl-wood specimen and holds 31 silvered-metal spheres. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This vibrant six-panel lacquered screen features gold-tone metal hinges. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This Baroque-style white marble bust of Bacchante with classical features was likely carved in Italy during the explosion of decorative sculpture in the 19th and 20th centuries. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A pair of polychrome cloisonné enamel Chinese elephant-shaped pricket sticks, each with gilt-metal mounts. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
Four modern Dupont table lighters from Paris, one in black enamel, one decorated in red and black cloisonné enamel, one silver-plated example, and one in a faux tortoiseshell. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
Two of a set of four American chestnut armless side chairs, from the 19th or 20th century. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
Three-piece French tea and coffee set in silver bearing the mark of Tiffany & Co., New York. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A sculptural black-patinated and pierced-metal table lamp. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A Swiss “Black Forest” antler and boar-tusk-mounted cartouche-form wall mirror mounted with a carved linden-wood frame, from the early 20th century. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
This 50-inch-long Majolica cistern dates to the mid-1800s. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s
A pair of carved wooden bears support a miniature music bench decorated with edelweiss flowers. Photo: 1stdibs/Christie’s


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