The exhibit features a ball pit that visitors can play in.
Photo: The Color Factory

The Just-Opened Color Factory Reflects the Palette of New York City

The highly Instagrammable exhibition features 16 installations that are bound to make a splash

Following up a splashy run in San Francisco last year, the Instagram-famous pop-up exhibition, Color Factory, has opened its doors in New York.

The exhibition’s disco-inspired dance floor. Photo: The Color Factory

Taking over a 20,000-square-foot space in SoHo, the NYC edition features brand-new participatory installations of colors collected around the city (think shades of bike lane green and the lilac of bodega mums). Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are greeted by a poem from Queens-based writer Won McIntosh, inspired by different colors specific to New York, like a deep green hue called Scaffolding or a gray-tinged white called Subway Tile.

Color Factory teamed up with 21 artists, including Emmanuelle Moureaux, Leah Rosenberg, 826NYC, and Roz Chast to create interactive installations throughout the space. Each part of the exhibit is intended to encourage visitors to think about how color influences their daily life.

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Carrying on that theme, the pop-up has expanded outside of its Hudson Square walls and into 23 spots across the city, which can be found via a free map that’s available at the Factory’s door, no ticket required. The map matches city landmarks (like Freeman Alley and Economy Candy) with a complementary hue and also includes surprises hidden throughout the city, like a rainbow bench in a secret garden where you’ll find a telephone number to a guided color meditation.

An installation called 100 Colors by Tokyo-based architect Emmanuelle Moureaux. Photo: The Color Factory

The exhibition, which features 16 installations, continues the sensory experience by weaving colorful foods (gelato, macarons, candies) throughout. It also boasts a gift shop designed by Randi Brookman Harris full of color-drenched items, from Mast chocolate bars and novelty keychains to rainbow wall art, for those truly passionate about living colorfully. A portion of gift shop sales are going to charities like God’s Love We Deliver.

The highly Instagrammable pop-up welcomes visitors of all ages and currently has an open run.

Color Factory’s Registration Room. Photo: The Color Factory


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