In an airy gallery with views of the Pacific, designer Madeline Stuart installed a custom-made Paul Ferrante chandelier above Andy Warhol “Flowers” paintings, 18th-century Italian stone consoles, and rugs made of woven palm matting by J. D. Staron. Architecture by Island Architects.
Photo: Trevor Tondro

Madeline Stuart Reveals Her Favorite Design Stores Online

The designer shares five resources she can always turn to for creating dynamic interiors

Madeline Stuart Photo: Courtesy of the designer

I’m in the middle of shopping for a project, and yesterday my associate (working remotely, of course!) and I spent time together on the phone going to some of my favorite sites. The e-tailers we focused on are specific to our current project, but I always love going to Urban Electric’s site—the imagery of in situ fixtures is beautiful, and the site is super well organized. We’ll be presenting a number of their fixtures at our next client meeting, whenever that is!

Urban Electric’s Yves Hang shown in bronze finish in an interior by Eche Martinez. Photo: Christopher Stark

I  love shopping in person at Robuck whenever I’m in Atlanta, but since that’s not very often, I use their site quite frequently. They do a terrific job of photographing their offerings, and it’s an easy website to navigate. Yesterday I found two pieces—a chic and stylish Italian chest and an elegant Italian buffet, both of which will work perfectly in one of our projects.

Italian walnut and brass decorated credenza, circa 1650. Photo: Courtesy of Robuck

The same goes for Donzella and Bernd Goeckler—both favorite go-to resources for me, and since I’m not in New York as often as I’d like, I frequently visit their sites for rare and unusual pieces.

An array of decorative objet and furnishings in Donzella Gallery. Photo: Courtesy of Donzella

For the record, while we all know about 1stdibs, I’m finding quite a few things on InCollect, another aggregator of beautiful things from a wide selection of dealers.

A vignette from Bernd Goeckler featuring a custom Tristan chest by Robert Marinelli Design, Fornasetti screen, a rare Dahlia chandelier, and 18th-century bracket clock. Photo: Douglas Friedman


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