Frida Fjellman's La Crypte de Velours Blue installation for Hostler Burrows's booth at Design Miami 2016.
Photo: Courtesy of Hostler Burrows and the artist

Frida Fjellman’s Enchanting Glass Sculptures

The Swedish artist's jewel-like lighting has the design world captivated

Fjellman at her Crystal Forest installation at Galleri Splace in Sweden. Photo: Jon Dreierbakken

One of the head-turning booths at the Design Miami fair in December was a velvet-curtained lair where prismatic glass pendant lights hung in twinkling clusters like oversize jewels. Presented by New York gallery Hostler Burrows, the installation was the work of Swedish artist Frida Fjellman, who says her aim is “to intrigue and fascinate, to take viewers away from their everyday lives.” Based in Stockholm, Fjellman has caught the attention of the art and design worlds with her hyperreal ceramic and glass creatures and abstract swirling glass sculptures—which she often puts into enchanting tableaux.

Juliet Burrows, co-owner of Hostler Burrows, says that Fjellman’s complex work “elicits a range of emotions, from joy to terror to wonder.” Currently Fjellman is working on a new series of lighting in hues inspired by the Art Deco era. “I love the power and positive outlook that period conveys,” the artist says. “My work is no joke, but I want to have fun.”



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