Bernar Venet’s “Indeterminate Hypothesis” at Kasmin.
Photo: Stefanie Li

Galerie Celebrates the Fall Fashion Issue at Kasmin

Guests, including Ray Booth and Nicole Fuller, mingled amid massive steel works by artist Bernar Venet

Lisa Fayne Cohen and Bernar Venet. Photo: Stefanie Li

On Wednesday night, Galerie celebrated our Fall 2019 Fashion issue with a lively fête at Chelsea’s Kasmin gallery, which is currently exhibiting French artist Bernar Venet’s latest show, “Indeterminate Hypothesis.”

Hosted by Galerie’s founder and editorial director, Lisa Fayne Cohen, and editor in chief, Jacqueline Terrebonne, the bash featured a slew of notable figures, including Ray Booth, Nancy Lorenz, Nicole Fuller, John B. Murray, Jamie Drake, Melanie Courbet, and curator Nicola Vassell. In addition to Venet, other talents in attendance who were also spotlighted in the issue included architect Stephanie Goto, Peter Speliopoulos, and event planner extraordinaire Bronson van Wyck.

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Over 150 guests sipped on bellinis and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres provided by Cipriani throughout the festivities. Enhancing the atmosphere was music by a trio from Jazz House Kids, the New Jersey community arts organization focused on educating youth through the power of jazz music.

The party preceded the public opening of “Indeterminate Hypothesis,” Venet’s third show with Kasmin. Within the stunning Markus Dochantschi–designed gallery are five monumental spiral steel works from his “Indeterminate Lines” series, which also made for perfect Instagram fodder for those in attendance. The 78-year-old artist was featured in the latest issue with a tour of his sprawling estate and foundation in the South of France.

See below for more photos from the evening.

Bernar Venet’s “Indeterminate Hypothesis” at Kasmin. Photo: Stefanie Li
Jazz House Kids. Photo: Stefanie Li
Bernar and Diane Venet. Photo: Stefanie Li
Jacqueline Terrebonne. Photo: Stefanie Li
Mara Gredick and Summer Kath. Photo: Stefanie Li
Peter Speliopoulos, Melanie Courbet, and Diane Venet. Photo: Stefanie Li
Carlos Picón, William T. Georgis, and Federico de Francesco. Photo: Stefanie Li
Nicole Fuller and Alexander Yulish. Photo: Stefanie Li
Emmanuel Barbault, Peter Lane, and Jose Manuel Alorda. Photo: Stefanie Li


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