Designer John Hogan has contributed a piece from his new collection of glass objects, Menagerie.
Photo: John Hogan/The Future Perfect

New York’s Design Community Launches Auction to Benefit COVID-19 Relief

This week’s virtual sale, At Home, features works donated by 40 artists and designers, including Anna Karlin, Apparatus, Lindsey Adelman, and Calico

General Assembly’s Colin Stief and Sarah Zames. Photo: Matthew Williams

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a collectible design work by such luminaries as Anna Karlin, Apparatus, or Calico but haven’t been quite ready to commit, now is the time. Design darlings General Assembly, acclaimed for the warm yet pristine spaces they conceive from New York to London, has launched At Home, an online auction featuring works donated by over 40 New York–based designers and artists. All proceeds of the auction, which runs through Sunday, April 12, will benefit Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization that supports New York City’s battle against COVID-19.

“There has been an overwhelming desire to do something to help in New York,” explains Colin Stief, partner in General Assembly. “As designers and creatives, we are optimists and work to create solutions, but our office and I think a lot of people in our community were at a loss in how they could directly contribute to the relief efforts.”

To create the virtual sale, General Assembly swiftly called on its vast network of creative powerhouse pals, including Egg Collective, Rich Brilliant Willing, John Hogan, Kinder Modern, Coil+Drift, Pelle, Anna Karlin, and Vonnegut Kraft. Those included jumped at the chance to contribute to this dire cause using their creative gifts.

Armor pendant by Konekt. Photo: Konekt

“Right now, there is a collective desire from the design community to come together and contribute in every way that we can,” remarks John Sorensen-Jolink of Coil+Drift. “At Home is a fun way to make a serious difference, to directly support those affected by this crisis and to win a beautiful design object along the way.”

Lori Appleton of Kinder Modern agrees: “Not everyone can make masks or turn their manufacturing into PPE production, so participating in efforts like this is an opportunity to give, to connect, and to come together for the greater good. As an aside, it feels incredible to give and feel like your small effort is making a difference.”

Artist Amit Greenberg—who also donated works—designed inspiring visuals to support At Home. “This paper-cut series, titled ‘All Kind of High,’ accompanies the communication campaign for the At Home art auction,” says Greenberg. “Like most of us at this moment, the single characters live in a surreal reality where finding joy and comfort in the things around us is even more essential than ever. Knowing that my art and the art of others can benefit the humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief, and also elevate the isolated individual made me understand the beautiful force of creativity in making things a little bit better.”

There’s never been a better time to bid on a colorful lamp stack by Hannah Bigelesien, a glass objet by John Hogan, or a lounge chair by Vonnegut Kraft—both to benefit this cause and to enhance your stay-at-home surroundings.

See below for some of the standout pieces:

H. Bigeleisen Stack lamp. Photo: Daniel Cochran
Curiosity vessel by Lindsey Adelman. Photo: Lindsey Adelman
The Rubber CYL by Slash Objects is a hand-cast concrete side table that fuses together recycled rubber, concrete, and brass in a unique and durable piece. Photo: Slash Objects
Censer by Apparatus connects ancient ritual with the tradition of coveted objects. As an incense burner, smoke emerges from a hand-cast porcelain dome, and as a candleholder the Censer becomes a brass torch. Photo: Apparatus
Crescent lounge by Vonnegut Kraft. Photo: Vonnegut Kraft.

Live bidding for the At Home auction to benefit Direct Relief starts on April 12. 

Cover: Designer John Hogan has contributed a piece from his new collection of glass objects, Menagerie.
Photo: John Hogan/The Future Perfect


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