Artist Andreea Braescu creates bespoke lighting installations using hand-carved bone china petals and leaves.
Photo: Courtesy of Andreea Braescu

12 Wondrous Lighting Designs Inspired by Nature

These sculptural chandeliers and table lamps capture the shapes of branches, blooms, and other natural elements

“There’s no better designer than nature.” So said fanciful couturier Alexander McQueen, whose otherworldly fashions included feathers, butterfly prints, and other biomorphic shapes, including those not-soon-to-be-forgotten lobster-claw-like stilettos.

Furniture designers often cull from nature as well, pulling in colors, textures, and materials found in some of the world’s most revered gardens and landscapes. Here, Galerie looks as some of the dreamiest lighting fixtures that offer a way to bring the outside indoors in the most artfully designed ways.

Laura Kirar’s Filamento chandelier for Arteriors. Photo: Courtesy of Arteriors

1. Laura Kirar’s Filamento chandelier for Arteriors transforms an explosion of wispy rattan into a golden drum that brings a tropical influence to any space.

Julie Neill’s Farfalle chandelier for Circa Lighting. Photo: Courtesy of Circa LIghting

2. Designer Julie Neill uses a cloud of butterflies captured in midflight to create a dancing light effect in her whimsical Farfalle chandelier for Circa Lighting.

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A foliage-like installation by Andreea Braescu. Photo: Courtesy of Andreea Braescu

3. Romanian interior artist Andreea Braescu individually sculpts each porcelain ginkgo leaf and petal, then clusters the foliage into a one-of-a-kind glowing garland installation.

The Clelia Leaf brown chandelier from Stillux. Photo: Courtesy of Artemest

4. Petals of brown glass gently unfurl from a central stem dusted in 24K gold leaf to give the Clelia Leaf brown chandelier from Italian design firm Stillux the appearance of a lush blossom in bloom.

Lasvit’s Mush Room glass and lacquered-bronze lamp. Photo: Courtesy of Lasvit

5. As fanciful as a fungus straight out the pages of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lasvit’s Mush Room glass and lacquered-bronze lamp uniquely twists and undulates, making no two alike.

The Las Palmas pendant from David Duncan. Photo: Courtesy of David Duncan

6. Crafted in the style of renowned designer Serge Roche, this striking pendant from David Duncan uses resin to re-create a bundle of tropical palmette leaves unfurling to grand effect.

Blossom chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. Photo: Courtesy of Hudson Valley Lighting

7. The graceful curves of the calla lily are artfully captured in Hudson Valley Lighting’s sophisticated Blossom chandelier.

Israeli artist Ayala Serfaty’s Wisteria lighted wall installation. Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

8. Appearing almost cloudlike, Israeli artist Ayala Serfaty’s tumble of branches, entitled Wisteria, is created by stretching a gossamer layer over a series of glowing glass rods to ethereal effect.

The Anima Mirage lighting installation by Swarovski. Photo: Courtesy of Swarovski

9. Swarovski’s bespoke Anima Mirage lighting installation, which made its debut last year in Milan, channels the free-floating forms of jellyfish while shining like sunlight reflecting on water.

Jonathan Browning’s Twig chandelier features 32 branches dotted with smoky quartz crystals and LED lights. Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Browning

10. Jonathan Browning’s remarkable Twig chandelier appears to be a bramble of budding branches. These individually cast oil-rubbed bronze limbs, however, are adorned with moody smoky quartz crystals and starry LED lights.

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s textural Featherette chandelier for Corbett Lighting. Photo: Courtesy of Hudson Valley Lighting

11. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard uses a crown of gilded feathers to encircle a ring of candelabra lights to create the regal look of his Featherette chandelier for Corbett Lighting.

The Woodland wall sconce from Fisher Weisman. Photo: Courtesy of Fisher Weisman

12. Handcrafted in steel and papier-mâché, the strong lines of the Woodland Wall sconce from Fisher Weisman give a masculine edge to the romance of candelabra lights. 


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