Il Pavone throne by Marc Ange.
Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange

Designer Marc Ange Unveils Dazzling Peacock-Inspired Chairs in Miami

Visionnaire’s newly revamped showroom hosts “The Garden of Beauty” to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach
Marc Ange sits in one of his Il Pavone armchairs. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange

Inspired by his recent voyage to India, designer Marc Ange has conjured a dazzling suite of chairs that take cues from one of the subcontinent’s most captivating species: the peacock.

Timed with Art Basel in Miami Beach and Design Miami, the unveiling of the six-piece Il Pavone capsule collection takes over Visionnaire’s recently revamped Miami showroom, where it will be on view through December 8. Appropriately titled “The Garden of Beauty,” the exhibition features the whimsical furnishings displayed amid tropical flora that recall the animal’s natural habitat.

The event is the third in a series of commissioned installations that took place this year to mark the Italian luxury brand’s 15th anniversary as well as the 60th anniversary of its parent company, IPE.

Anchoring the Miami display is the Il Pavone throne, a ceremonial chair with an arresting silhouette that mirrors a peacock’s dramatic plumage. To capture the bird’s iridescent shimmer, Ange selected jewel-toned fabrics by Visionnaire to upholster the cushions and a delicate brass frame coated in bronze to hold it all in place. “Il Pavone is my allegory to luxury,” Ange said in a statement. “This majestic animal is never worried about survival: He doesn’t hide or defend himself, he doesn’t escape. . . . His time and energy are used to display his beauty.”

“The Garden of Beauty” at the Visionnaire showroom in Miami. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange

Accompanying the regal seat are five Il Pavone armchairs that feature a more subdued, contemporary shape, each clad in either gold, champagne, emerald, sapphire, and cream.

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Ange last set the design world on fire in 2017 with the unveiling of Le Refuge, a pastel-pink daybed sheltered by a thicket of stylized palm trees. Originally presented by the Invisible Collection at that year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, the chic oasis went viral on Instagram and began popping up around the world at places like Dubai Design Week, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Moco Museum in the Netherlands. Don’t be surprised if Il Pavone follows a similar path to social media stardom.

Il Pavone throne by Marc Ange. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange
Il Pavone armchair in sapphire. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange
Il Pavone armchair in emerald. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange
Il Pavone armchair in gold. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange
Il Pavone armchair in champagne. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange
Il Pavone armchair in cream. Photo: Visionnaire/Marc Ange

“The Garden of Beauty” is on view through December 8 at Visionnaire, 2063 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.


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