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To celebrate our inaugural Collectors Issue (released in early December), Galerie invites you to share what you collect—from the fabulously rare to the exceptionally quirky. Send in your photos and tell us about the stories behind your treasures, how you display them, and the passion that drives your collecting. Our editors will select their 10 favorite collections and publish them in a story online.


Entries must be submitted and received via the online entry system by 12 midnight (ET) February 15, 2019.

  • All images must be jpg or png format. Low-resolution images can be submitted. If you have a selected collection, you will be contacted for high-resolution photography.
  • All images must have credit information listing the name of the photographer
  • A description of your collection is required.
  • Only submissions by individuals will be considered.

Note: Please include any pertinent information that you would like considered. However Galerie reserves the right to include or exclude any details about your collection. Submitted collections are reviewed by editors of Galerie Magazine who will choose 10 submissions.


Images: You may submit up to 5 images per collection in jpg or png format. Professionally shot images are recommended. Low-resolution images can be submitted. If you have a selected collection, you will be contacted for high-resolution photography. Images may not contain any watermarks or logos.

Collection Description: No more than 200 words, including inspiration behind the collection and how it was started. Each description must include a caption and photographer credit to coordinate with the supplied image.

Note: All material required for a submission must be provided by the deadline. Submissions that do not follow specifications will be disqualified without notice or refund.


Inclusion in story published on

The story in which the collection is featured will be promoted on Galerie’s social media platforms


Collections are excluded from the competition if their presentation would infringe a right. The entrant authorizes Galerie Magazine to publish the submission in the print edition of Galerie Magazine, on, and any affiliated websites and social media platforms. The submission may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes.

Submissions become the property of Galerie Magazine and SANDOW, and will not be returned. Submissions made that do not follow specifications are disqualified.





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