The 120-year-old brand Rimowa has teamed with Olafur Eliasson on a new collection of luggage decals.
Photo: Rimowa

Olafur Eliasson and Luxe Luggage Brand Rimowa Debut Travel Collaboration

The artist and Alexandre Arnault wanted to start a conversation about the existential nature of travel

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has the perfect way to punch up your luggage before holiday travel—a set of artful, environmentally themed stickers he designed for the luxe luggage brand Rimowa.

The stickers are made to adorn the brand’s suitcases, adding a touch of personality to an often impersonal item. Eliasson’s collection of decals features images from nature like rocks, geodes, and moss, each inspired by his travels through the rugged landscapes of Iceland.

The stickers Eliasson created are meant to make people think about the environmental impact of travel. Photo: Rimowa

“Sticking them on your suitcase is not simply expressive; it’s also a sign that you care about the world we all share,” Eliasson said in a statement. “The words and phrases contextualize these treasures by referring to planet Earth, to our environment, and to climate change. I wanted to develop a succinct vocabulary that speaks to the climate action needed today. For people to carry this message across the world, whether on a train, a ship, or a plane, is a great opportunity.”

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A box of Eliasson’s decals costs $340, with proceeds going to the Little Sun Foundation, the artist’s charity that delivers solar energy to the most vulnerable communities worldwide.

The collection includes 46 stickers and costs $340. The proceeds from the sales go to Eliasson’s Little Sun Foundation. Photo: Rimowa

Eliasson, who admits to having long carried Rimowa luggage himself, works closely on art projects with the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Rimowa and Louis Vuitton share the same parent company, LVMH, which is how Eliasson was introduced to Alexandre Arnault, Rimowa’s CEO. The two wanted to create a project that would start a conversation about the existential nature of travel.

“It’s a way of coding your bag and showing what you think is important to you,” Eliasson told Fast Company. “We wanted to find a way to make travel more personal. But we’re also interested in bigger questions about being human, and the environment, which traveling brings to light.”

The collection will be available on December 3. 


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