The Rolex Greenroom, ready to welcome Hollywood's elite on Sunday at the 91st annual Academy Awards.
Photo: Rolex

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the 2019 Oscars Rolex Greenroom

See how the backstage of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre gets a glamorous remake fit for the stars

For the fourth consecutive year, Rolex has transformed a concrete-floored, utilitarian backstage area of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre into a glamorous greenroom fit for the world’s biggest stars on Oscar night.

Before walking onto the theater’s Swarovski-adorned stage to hand out awards, presenters like Helen Mirren, Pharrell Williams, and Constance Wu can relax and recharge in this calm, soothing private space. And after the thrill of receiving a gold statue in front of a star-studded audience and millions of live TV viewers, newly minted Oscar winners can enjoy a moment of respite and a celebratory glass of Champagne inside this exclusive oasis.

The Rolex Greenroom, ready to welcome Hollywood’s elite on Sunday at the 91st annual Academy Awards. Photo: Rolex

The Swiss watchmaker’s recent Perpetual Planet campaign serves as the theme for this year’s oceanic greenroom decor, which was cultivated in an inspiring partnership with National Geographic and is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the earth’s oceans, poles, and mountains for the benefit of future generations. (In previous years, the space evoked the cozy atmosphere of a Swiss chalet against the backdrop of snow-covered Alps or the expansive vistas of a California hillside.)

This year’s greenroom, which features a cobalt-and-emerald palette, is dominated by a series of luxurious panels with coral-shaped laser cutouts and a bronzed, hatch-shaped door. An elegant walnut bar and bronze fixtures pay homage to the materials and aesthetics used in Rolex retail stores worldwide. “Portholes” reveal a mysterious underwater world where fish and seaweed, hand-sculpted from leather, seem to come to life in ethereal installations. Inside the swanky submarine-like space, plush velvet seating and vibrant backlit photos of deep-sea divers and sea creatures further invite escape from the hectic buzz of the red carpet.

The theme of the greenroom for 2019 is linked to the company’s Perpetual Planet campaign. Photo: Rolex

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Historical knickknacks abound, too: a small-scale model of the submersible vessel that filmmaker and explorer James Cameron manned on a solo dive to the unexplored depths of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean in 2012, for example. Accompanying him on the journey was the experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch, which was attached to the vessel via an external robotic arm and proved waterproof at depths of 39,370 feet and survived more than 12 tons of pressure. It’s on display at the back of the greenroom space, sparkling brilliantly amid an eclectic school of stylized fish.

Echoes of the sea are everywhere, from the color palette of vivid oceanic blues to furniture that evokes the soft shapes of waves and starfish. Photo: Rolex

In addition to celebrating our planet’s vast underwater world, the 2019 Rolex greenroom highlights the brand’s commitment to the exploration and protection of our environment. Much like the way a great movie can transport us, the space is designed to immerse its inhabitants in a beautiful, fantastic world worthy of protection and continued exploration.

Rolex will continue its sponsorship of the academy later this year as a founding supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.

The 91st Academy Awards will be held on February 24 at the Dolby Theatre and televised live on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.


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