Booth of Galerie Jacques Lacoste at PAD London 2017
Photo: Courtesy PAD

PAD London Returns This Fall with 10 Exciting New Galleries

See the full list of exhibitors at the London antiques and decorative arts fair

This Fall, PAD London, the boutique fair that has carved itself a distinct niche as a leading venue for collecting across art, design and the decorative arts, returns to London’s sophisticated Berkeley Square. Founded in 1997 by Patrick Perrin, the son of one of the most prestigious antiques dealers in Paris, the fair—which stands for ‘Pavilion of Art and Design’—thrives on its attention to unique themes, including tribal art, artist-made jewelry, ceramics, antiques, furniture and metalwork, while offering a strong selection of modern masterpieces.

Ten exhibitors will be showcasing their wares in the elegant black and white tent for the first time. including London-based dealer Achille Salvagni, showing his coveted decorative arts objects, Monaco’s Robert Zehil, bringing a presentation including a turn-of-the-century fireplace and a triptych mirror by the French architect Hector Guimard. Ceramicist Karen Swami, a favorite of designers Linda Pinto and Christian Liagre, will bring her hand thrown porcelain vases.

A few of Karen Swami’s elegantly glazed ceramics. Photo: Matthieu Lombard, Courtesy of Karen Swami

Longstanding galleries include Lucas Ratton, a French gallery specializing in tribal art, as well as Hemmerle, a historic Munich-based jewelry house with a cult following for their unexpected combinations of materials, and H. Blairman & Sons Ltd, a U.K. gallery with some of the finest eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century English and French furniture. Modern and contemporary design lovers can look forward to the usual crowd favorites: New York’s Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery, Milan’s Nilufar, and the Paris-based Chahan Minassian.

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Below is the complete list of exhibitors.


A pair of Hemmerle earrings feature sapphires, jade, zircons, copper, and rose gold. Photo: Courtesy of Hemmerle

The Exhibitors for PAD London 2018

18 Davies Street Gallery (UK)

88-Gallery (UK/Belgium)

Walid Akkad (France)

Aktis Gallery (UK)

Ammann Gallery (Germany)

Avant-Scène (France)

Hélène Bailly (France/Switzerland)

Lorenz Bäumer (France)

Karry Berreby (France)

Alexandre Biaggi (France)

Blairman (UK)

J-D Botella (France)

Antoine Broccardo (France)

Carpenters Workshop Gallery (UK/France/USA)

Chahan Gallery (France)

Chastel-Maréchal (France)


Dumonteil (France/USA/China)

Dutko (France)

Fumi (UK)

G. (UK)

Garrido (Spain)

Michael Goedhuis (UK/USA)

Gosserez (France)

Guillemain (France)

Hemmerle (Germany)

De Jonckheere (Monaco/Switzerland)

Jousse (France)

Robin Katz (UK)

Kreo (UK/France)

Jacques Lacoste (France)

Didier Luttenbacher (France)

Ma Tei (France)

Alain Marcelpoil (France)

Marcilhac (France)

Mayoral (Spain)

Mermoz (France)

Meubles et Lumières (France)

Modernity (Sweden)

Monbrison (France)

Mouvements Modernes (France)

Sarah Myerscough (UK)

Galerie Negropontes (France)

Nilufar (Italy)

Objet d’Émotion – Valéry Demure (UK, USA)

Rossana Orlandi (Italy)

Galerie Du Passage (France)

Peter Petrou (UK)

Phoenix Ancient Art (Switzerland/USA)

Pinto (France)

Portuondo (UK/Spain)

Priveekollektie (The Netherlands)

Maison Rapin (France)

Lucas Ratton (France)

Repetto (UK)

Matthieu Richard (France)

Achille Salvagni (UK/Italy)

Adrian Sassoon (UK)

Sèvres (France)

Siegelson (USA)

Karen Swami (France)

Suzanne Syz (Switzerland)y

Rose Uniacke (UK)

Hervé Van Der Straeten (France)

Vertes (Switzerland)

Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala (Greece)

Maria Wettergren (Paris)

Robert Zehil (Monaco)


PAD London takes place from October 1—7, 2018. 

Cover: Booth of Galerie Jacques Lacoste at PAD London 2017
Photo: Courtesy PAD


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