Guests in the third-floor gallery space of Perrotin New York with Paola Pivi's exhibition “We Are the Baby Gang.”
Photo: Stefanie Li

Paola Pivi Gives a Tour of Her Bear-Filled Solo Exhibition at Perrotin

The artist’s show at Perrotin features 70 colorful feathered bears

Paola Pivi with her gang of baby bears. Photo: Stefanie Li

Guests of Galerie magazine and Perrotin New York got a walk-through recently of artist Paola Pivi’s newly opened solo exhibition, “We Are the Baby Gang.” A sleuth of feather-covered baby bears dominated Perrotin’s third-floor gallery, transporting the space into a playful wonderland.

“I’m obsessed with polar bears,” she said. There are 70 of the playfully arranged creatures, and they all have different funky names. Two bears, one red and one pink, with their arms intertwined are called, Are We Dancing or Fighting. One purple bear lying supine on the floor is called Is Your Full Name Bear?

The show follows Pivi’s successful solo exhibition at the Bass Museum in Miami and her previous solo exhibition with Perrotin six years ago. Emmanuel Perrotin and Pivi‘s 20-year partnership was highlighted in a dialogue between the artist and gallerist with editor in chief Jacqueline Terrebonne in Galerie‘s Summer 2019 issue in which they discussed the show and their collaborations together over the years.

Installation view of Paola Pivi’s “We Are the Baby Gang,” at Perrotin New York. Photo: Stefanie Li

Pivi guided guests through the room of vibrantly plumaged bears, talking to Terrebonne about the conception of the project. She noted that the project was inspired by a vision she had of “bears in all different colors.” Despite her work’s cute and playful nature, Pivi also reflected on how the bears with their feathers have adapted to climate change with the melting of the polar ice caps.

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Paola Pivi giving a tour of the exhibition “We Are the Baby Gang.” Photo: Stefanie Li

Once Pivi finished with her tour, guests mingled in the space and vied to get a picture with their favorite feathered bears. Back on the first floor, the reception was hosted in Perrotin’s bookstore with refreshments of champagne and Galerie‘s Summer 2019 issue on display. See more photos from the event below:

Jacqueline Terrebonne and Paola Pivi. Photo: Stefanie Li
One of Pivi’s baby bears playfully chewing on a Jimmy Choo heel. Photo: Stefanie Li
Atmosphere shot of guests within Pivi’s exhibition “We Are the Baby Gang.” Photo: Stefanie Li
Galerie‘s new Summer 2019 issue on display in the bookstore. Photo: Stefanie Li
Guests mingling in the Perrotin Bookstore. Photo: Stefanie Li


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