A room designed by Ray Booth around the work *Mirror (Purple to Pagan Gold)* (2017) by Anish Kapoor. The background is Black Fox by Benjamin Moore.
Photo: Dave Morgan, Courtesy of Anish Kapoor Studio, BK Antiques, 1stdibs, Hickory Chair, Arteriors, Oliver Gustav, and John Salibello

Ray Booth Designs a Room Around an Entrancing Anish Kapoor Mirror

As evidenced by this private library, the interior designer always strives to combine pieces from an array of periods

Ray Booth.

Ray Booth. Photo: Courtesy of McAlpine

At the architecture and design firm McAlpine, Ray Booth brings meaning to every space he crafts. He wants to help people connect to an interior by creating rooms that are open invitations to enjoy and explore. By cultivating a diversity of styles, ages, and patinas, he uses textures and materials to conjure a visual symphony that resounds with a feeling of truly being home.

“When you look at these mirror paintings, they literally spin you on your head and change your perception of space,” says Booth. “Designing a private library around a Kapoor allows someone to spend time alone contemplating its mystery and beauty.”

Photo: Dave Morgan, Courtesy of Anish Kapoor Studio

Anish Kapoor, Mirror (Purple to Pagan Gold), 2017.

Photo: Courtesy of Hickory Chair

Cradle sofa by Hickory Chair.

Photo: Courtesy of Arteriors

Piloti floor lamp by Arteriors.

Photo: Courtesy of Hickory Chair

Triad side table by Hickory Chair.

Photo: Courtesy of BK Antiques

Ceramic vase by John Born from BK Antiques.

Photo: Courtesy of John Salibello

Glass box from John Salibello.

Photo: Courtesy of Keivan Woven Arts

Rug from Keivan Woven Arts.

Photo: Courtesy of Oliver Gustav

Plate by Michaël Verheyden from Oliver Gustav

Photo: Courtesy of 1stdibs

Antique desk armchair from 1stdibs.

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