Saint-Louis's Manhattan Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Saint-Louis

Crystal Purveyor Saint-Louis Creates Innovative Cocktail Collection

The new Manhattan line of barware is accompanied by specialty drinks from Experimental Group
The Experiment Group crafted the Clover Club cocktail to help launch Saint Louis’s Manhattan collection of glassware Photo: Courtesy of Saint Louis

No one knows better than Saint-Louis how much an expertly made cocktail deserves an exquisite glass. To revamp a classic style, the oldest crystal manufacturer in Europe has turned to Experimental Group, the hospitality company that’s behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, the innovative mixologists who first brought cocktail culture to Paris, and that now heads up an empire of chic bars, restaurants, and hotels in places like London, Ibiza, and Verbier, Switzerland.

The company most recently announced the Manhattan collection, which features beautiful bevel cuts, a straight-edged lip, and rounded base that both highlights a cocktail’s aroma and prevents drinks from spilling. Saint-Louis tapped into the Experimental Group’s savoir faire to perfectly engineer a variety of options for modern-day potables with recipes to match.

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Take the Clover Club, which is made with 1 egg white, 1 crushed raspberry, 2 cl (centiliters) of lemon juice, 2 cl of summer berry cordial, 4 cl of gin, and 2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters. Crush the raspberry, then place all the ingredients in a shaker without ice and shake vigorously to emulsify the egg white. Fill with ice then shake again and pour through a fine strainer into a beveled-edge coupe.

Saint-Louis’s Manhattan Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Saint-Louis

The mixologists also crafted an alcohol-free libation to match the collection, the Strawberry Spin. The potable combines 3 fresh mint leaves, 1 whole strawberry—crushed in a cocktail pestle—3 cl of lemon juice, 3 cl of sugar syrup, and kombucha, topped with grated cinnamon.

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