A kaleidoscope of saturated hues entwine in the Chinoise design for Voutsa.
Photo: Courtesy of Voutsa

7 Dreamy Wallpapers Inspired by Watercolors

These artful wallpapers from Pierre Frey, Voutsa, and Jim Thompson transform any room into a mesmerizing canvas

Soothing shades that seamlessly blend into each other are hallmarks of some of the most famous abstract paintings. Bursting out of the frame, these wallpapers with watercolor-influenced swirls and painterly clouds become the focus of an entire room, enveloping an interior in mesmerizing beauty. “A large-patterned wallpaper can transform a space in just a few hours,” says De Sousa Hughes creative director Geoffrey De Sousa. “It can give the plainest of spaces a huge personality and highlight its architectural details.”

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The San Francisco retailer has seen myriad versions of the trend, from soft, undulating shades on panels from established brands such as Voutsa and Élitis, among others, to styles that have added dimension of texture and metallics by exciting newcomers like the Vale London. “I love modern art on large traditional patterns and traditional art on soft subtle textures,” De Sousa says. “It really comes down to the framing—to either tame the art, punch it up, or delineate pattern on pattern.” 

Exuberant waves of rich blues create an Impressionistic seascape in Running Tide for ALT for Living. Photo: Courtesy of Alt For Living
Élitis’s Oxydes wall covering captures the look of oxidized metal, adding both texture and shine to any room. Photo: Courtesy of Élitis
Each of Eskayel’s one-of-a-kind wall coverings, including Cortile, evolves from a painting by studio founder Shanan Campanaro. Photo: Courtesy of Eskayel
Soft-color brushstrokes are layered behind delicate illustrations in Pierre Frey’s whimsical landscape, Les Amoureux. Photo: Courtesy of Pierre Frey
Celebrated architect and designer David Rockwell looked to the skies for his Dreams collection for Jim Thompson, which includes this Raindrop sisal in moody Twilight. Photo: Courtesy of Jim Thompson Fabrics
Marble Tile 2, flecked with mica, from the Vale London, available at Fabricut, shimmers in an opulent swirl. Photo: Courtesy of The Vale London
A kaleidoscope of saturated hues entwine in the Chinoise design for Voutsa. Photo: Courtesy of Voutsa

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